Easter Celebrations

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Easter Celebrations

For all of you that celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Easter yesterday. Josh got really sick Saturday night so we ended up not getting to bed until most people were waking up Easter morning. Sunday Josh was still feeling a little under the weather and we were both exhausted. Despite that, we both… [Read More]

Stylin’ in my Reebok Skyscapes

Reebok Skyscape Review Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. I love warm weather. Warm weather is when I finally get to pull out my Toms and my Sperrys. And thanks to Reebok, I’ve got another pair of awesome shoes to rock now that the snow has melted away! Have you seen these… [Read More]

A weekend in pictures

Girl Gone Veggie Omaha Friends Weekend Marks ECreamery

A fun night with girlfriends getting dinner at Marks and dessert at ECreamery. ECreamery’s Irish Cream ice cream is the bomb dot com. Our running buddy Gizmo. Josh and I were running a 5k around Regency when this little guy trotted up to me and started covering me in kisses. Thankfully he had tags and… [Read More]

An Eventful Weekend

Erin Fairchild Life Lately Girl Gone Veggie Omaha

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday’s post. I love that you guys are tea fans too. I alluded to my weekend yesterday, but thought I would do a post recapping what I’ve been up to. Chicken curry from Marrakech, a red velvet cupcake from Jones Bros, and Divergent with my girlfriends. Ignore all the… [Read More]

A rooftop date with Pure Leaf Tea

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Lipton Pure Leaf

This weekend was a busy one for Josh. While I was doing fun things like seeing Divergent, going to a blog meetup, and spending my Sunday at a bridal shower, Josh was sequestered in his office grading papers and writing up a test. The end of the semester is a busy time for Professors! When… [Read More]

The race that I walked

Erin Fairchild Diva Dash 5k Omaha

This past Saturday I woke up early to meet up with some of my girlfriends for a race. It was colder than expected. (I think like 9 degrees?) But I was excited for the race so I dragged myself out of bed and got into some cold weather race gear. The five of us ran… [Read More]

This past weekend

This past weekend Molly's Bridal Shower Omaha Nebraska Friends Girl Gone Veggie

This past weekend: I had an amazing time at Molly’s bridal shower. She’s the one in the gorgeous dress. It was so fun to get to celebrate her, and to get to hang out with some really awesome girls. We’re celebrating Mardi Gras together tomorrow and I can’t wait! Josh and I had a fun… [Read More]

Getting back on my feet with Reebok

Reebok ZQuick Getting back on my feet with Reebok Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

The following post is sponsored by Fitfluential LLC on behalf of Reebok. I know this week has been extra fitness-focused on here, but after not being able to work out for so long, it feels so good to be able to move again! A little over a month ago I got these super sweet Reebok… [Read More]

A Valentine’s Day 5k (with a Giveaway!)

Girl Gone Veggie Kicks N Kisses Valentines Day 5k Omaha Erin Fairchild

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since my last post! Long story short: I’ve been sick. I still haven’t kicked my upper respiratory infection, but I am a million times better than I was last week. I have so much to fill you guys in on: a Justin Timberlake concert, a chocolate tour, and… [Read More]

The Grocer’s Goblin & The Little Mermaid Review

The Grocer's Goblin & The Little Mermaid The Rose Theater Omaha Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

I already recapped what I was up to on Super Bowl Sunday with you guys, but I didn’t mention what we were doing earlier in the weekend. Josh and I went to see a play! The Rose Theater is at the other end of the block from our apartment and is such a treasure. They… [Read More]

A Blogger Meetup and Super Bowl Commercials

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie Omaha Bloggers Meetup

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend. What did you think of the Super Bowl? It was my first time really sitting down to watch a Super Bowl game and I was bummed at the lack of game. I’m happy for the Seahawks but wish it would have been a little more… [Read More]