Friday Five 23

Friday 5 Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to the weekend. Tonight I’m going to an apartment party with my friend Erin after work. Saturday Josh and I have our one year anniversary photo session, a workout with Jess, and a taco tour around South Omaha with some Yelp members. Sunday I have a baby shower, a brunch… [Read More]

The best workout shoes for every workout

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie The best workout shoes for every workout

When I was packing for FitBloggin’ I made sure to look over the activities list to see what exercise classes I would be taking. I saw Zumba, HIIT, running, and biking on the schedule so I packed four pairs of workout shoes for the weekend. A lot of people asked me why I was packing so many shoes. I… [Read More]

Let’s talk about “fat”

Let's talk about fat Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

If you’re female, it’s likely you’ve considered yourself fat at some point in your life. You’ve probably struggled with your looks, felt insecure about your body, and have called yourself a lot of mean things in your head. It’s crazy to me that women are more educated than ever today, that we’re raised to believe we… [Read More]

Advice from the no-longer newlyweds

Advice from the no-longer newlyweds Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

Josh and I have been married for a year now. It’s crazy to think we’re no longer newlyweds. Although it’s sad to say goodbye to the newness of marriage; the routines we’ve established, the traditions we’ve made, and the path we’re on keeps getting better and better. We are by no means marriage experts after… [Read More]

Our First Wedding Anniversary Weekend

Erin Fairchild Girl Gone Veggie 4th of July Anniversary

This weekend was a fun one. Josh and I celebrated our first 4th of July in Omaha and our first wedding anniversary. This year has flown by and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend to celebrate it all. A Lake Party Jeff and Joanna invited us to their family’s lake house for 3rd of… [Read More]

Friday Five 22

Friday 5 Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

Happy 4th of July! I’m posting this late because Josh and I were at a lake party last night and I proceeded to crash as soon as I got home. It felt so good to sleep! But without further ado, here’s my Friday Five! (Source) 1. Happy Birthday America! I’m so proud to be an… [Read More]

5 Creative Paper Gift Ideas for Your First Wedding Anniversary

5 creative paper gift ideas for your first wedding anniversary Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

Our first wedding anniversary is this Sunday. I feel like I blinked and the year passed by. It was an incredible year. I’ll be posting more about that next week in a super mushy, lovey-dovey post. Today I want to post about fun first anniversary gift ideas if you’re sticking to the traditional gift recommendations…. [Read More]

FitBloggin’ 2014 Recap

FitBloggin Girl Gone Veggie Savannah Slow Ride Erin Fairchild

FitBloggin’ was a weekend of non-stop action. There were hundreds of people, dozens of events, and a whole city to explore. I didn’t get to do everything, but I did what I could and loved it all. I took a ton of pictures and am organizing them in this post by Food, Sponsors, People, Events, and… [Read More]

What I learned at FitBloggin’ 14

Girl Gone Veggie FitBloggin' 14 Erin Fairchild

I was so nervous before leaving for FitBloggin’. I remember not being able to sleep the night before I left for the airport. I was wondering who I would meet, if people would be nice to me, and if I would be able to handle the Savannah heat. FitBloggin’ was my first blog conference. Now… [Read More]

14 4th of July Favorites: Pool Party Edition

Girl Gone Veggie 14 4th of July Favorites Pool Party Edition Glam Foodie

(I’m on my way back from FitBloggin’ today! I’ll be back with a FitBloggin’ recap tomorrow.) I can’t even believe 4th of July is this weekend! As per usual, my friends and I still have to make definitive plans on where we’re celebrating, but it is 99.99% probably going to be at our friend’s pool…. [Read More]

Friday Five 21

Friday 5 Girl Gone Veggie Erin Fairchild

Hello from Savannah! Traveling went smoothly and I was able to spend Thursday meeting new people and exploring the city. I’m writing this before heading down to breakfast and starting the first full day of the conference. I can’t wait! Here’s 5 things I’m loving this week: 1. Writing this post on the day I’m actually… [Read More]